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The Bowering (International) Group Inc.

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W're serious about your success.

Whom We Work For

The Bowering Group provides professional event management services to an A-Z range of clients that includes:

  • Corporate
  • Association
  • Government
  • Not-For-Profit

The Bowering Group has worked:

  • With budgets from next-to-nothing to over-the-top
  • With clients who have wild ideas to none at all
  • Planning 4 years in advance to 4 days in advance

During the past two decades, we have served an impressive and lengthy list of clients - producing hundreds of events for tens of thousands of individuals.

Yet it’s quality, not quantity, which truly reflects The Bowering Group’s success.

To respect our clients’ confidentiality, we do not publish a list of their names.

For serious inquiries about our services we will provide references on request.